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Red River (1988)

Red River
dukeakasmudge - wrote on 12/24/16

***Spoilers Ahead, Most definitely*** I only watched Red River because James Arness was in it.If it wasn't for him, I wouldn't have watched this movie at all.I watched about 2-3 Westerns recently that have been strictly about Cattle Drives & I found them to be BORING.I hoped Red River was going to be different especially since James Arness was in it but I found Red River to be boring as well (Maybe I'm just not into Westerns that are all about Cattle Drives) After James Arness's character Thomas Dunson was booted off the cattle drive & it was taken over by Matthew, I thought (Maybe) things will start to pick up & become interesting.It did but not by much.Red River felt dull & flat right from the start & was that way the entire movie.I think the best thing about Red River was the ending because after Thomas was booted from the cattle drive, he told Matthew to always look over his shoulder & that someday he'd kill him so I expected him to follow through with his threat but in the end......

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