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Pacino is an exquisite actor.

ikkegoemikke - wrote on 09/14/2015

"I'm going to a pancake jamboree. You know, at the Legion, I'm going there tomorrow. See the old guys. I like hangin' out with folks worse off than me."

Pacino is a brilliant actor with a palmares that stands out from anyone else. No one questions that. His unique characteristic face has been displayed on many movie posters of well-known films. From Michael Corleone and Tony Montana, to Willy Bank. Each time he played an imposing person with charismatic traits. Luckily David Gordon Green could get him for the lead role in "Manglehorn". It surely isn't an epic mafia story or crime with a corrupt police force. It's rather a melancholy character study in which Pacino pulls out all the stops and once again demonstrates what a class actor he really is. But that's the only conclusion we can …

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