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TrifibianTerror - wrote on 12/02/09

Now, I know this was spawned from the loins of The Blair Witch Project, and that there amny other films in this vein, such as Cloverfield and the ass sucking Diary of the Dead (that couldn't have sounded good in the Romero's head...), but this Spanish horror actually does well to bde freaky-deaky.
A news caster and camera man are sent out woith some firemen to document a daily routine. When the firemen are called out to an apartment block, they all find something more terrifying than a fire or accident. 90% of the residents in the block are now Rage style zombies! Chewing and screaming and being beastly! What gets me is that whenever the undead are enoucntered in a film, they are never eferred to as zombies, which whatt hey obviously are. They're alwyas 'them' or for some annoying reason the 'infected'. It's ****ing zombies! Anywho, the film centres around the survivors trying to escape the apartments, but the army have locked them in...why? A conspiracy? Weapons testing? Nobody knows! Anywho, nearly everyone is killed or turned, save the two protagonists, who make it to the penthouse suite in hope of hiding. Only to find something else. A thing that actually scared the living shite out of me. To ruin it, there is a tall, emaciated, monstrous zombie creature up there, once human, but now far more. But before we encounter this abomination, the truth is revealed. A girl was supposedly p[ossessed by demons, and a priest tried to save that very penthouse. The truth is, it's not a virus. Not a zombie plague, but in fact, should you be bitten, you are posessed by demons. Demonic possession virus. Awesome.
This film will really only appeal to the zombie and/or Blair Witch crowd, but to those who find this type of film entertaining, they will love this. It doesn't randomly spin around the place like Cloverfield, as the protagonists eyes are through a proefessional camera man. The zombies are scary and monstrous and the revelation freshly disturbing.

Buy it, you will be scared!
I heartily reccomend it. Very much so.

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