Anna Strasevic's Movie Review of Heathers

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Love? Popularity?
Anna Strasevic - wrote on 10/19/20

This movie has become very contradictory to me. From the first minutes of the film, I have expected the typical American film about school and its idols, but the plot is more complicated than it looks. The ways as love presented between Veronika and J.D shows that it is not healthy. Veronika is a very lonely and jealous character, and she could not accept the fact that she will not be as popular as her female friends, only their shadow. Moreover, J.D has a lot of maniacs thoughts, and it gives a chance to Veronika to get his attention and feel loved, so she decides to kill her friends to take their place and fate.

It is not difficult to understand Veronika's intention of doing it, and her notes in the diary tell it. There were conversations with her parents, which whom she has only small talks about boys, school, parties, but they never talk about important matters and inner feelings.

Their idea of killing young popular girls from the school makes professors aware of the problem with mental health. Students change their behavior and look at others with sympathy and the school world is becoming less cruel. This movie is nice to feel American culture and see what's going on in high school.

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