Freddie's Movie Review of I Love You, Man

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I Love You, Man

Freddie - wrote on 12/03/09

This is probably one of the most awkward movies that I have ever seen. I understand that the humor behind this was based on the fact that the relationship between Rudd and Segel was being treated as though it was a relationship between a man and a woman; however, this just didn't feel right. It did have some funny moments and some great lines, but when I have to cover my face with a pillow for 90% of the movie then there's a problem.

Segel was great, despite all of the awkwardness. He actually balanced out the weirdness by maintaining some suave. Paul Rudd reminded of Steve Carrel in the 40-Year Old Virgin. While the awkwardness in 40-Year Old Virgin was fitting, here it was not. Rudd went from being a seemingly normal guy to all of a sudden becoming an awkward 15 year old child who is asking a girl out for the first time and never knows the right thing to say...but to another man....who isn't trying to date.

Not to say that this film isn't watchable. Like I said, there were some really funny moments. But be prepared to want to hide behind your couch because of the countless number of embarrassing moments.

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