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The Iron Giant

The Iron Giant-yes we have nor princesses
Buddha 309 - wrote on 08/15/14

Based on the poem/story by Ted Hughes and originally called the, "Iron Man", the Iron Giant is a wonderful story that covers what it's like to be an oddball lonely kid living in aq small town. Set the whole thing in the 1950's and add a mysterious mechanical man that stands 50 feet tall, (could be taller) and eats metal and you have the weirdest "Hey Mom, look what followed me home" story ever.

This movie is a cavalcade of small town paranoia, and fear of the government and the atomic bomb. Vin Diesel is great as the giant, Harry Connick and Jennifer Aniston deliver fantastic performances that they never would have gotten away with in a live action film.

Hogarth Hughes is a real little boy, and it pleases my male sensibilities that this is not a princess story, and not a superhero story. This is a boy's cartoon about being a boy.

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