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Before Sunset

What was and could have been.
memento_mori - wrote on 10/02/13

This film tops the two others in the remarkable 'Before' trilogy.
That may seem as a blunt statement to make right away, but Before Sunset had what Sunrise and Midnight didn't have: Remorse.

This is an almost heart-breaking film in my eyes.
Although it has no consistent tone, motif, definite example or evidence to support the claim, I perceived it as very dark from the start.
The dialogue was fresh and interesting in Sunrise as well, but this one offers so much more that doesn't meet the eye.

Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy are excellent once again in the roles they were, I'm positive, born to play.
I would take their charisma and lengthy smalltalk over explosions and CGI every day of the week. I don't think there is a single line of dialogue out of place in the entire movie, and that's saying something.
The reason it is all so entertaining, is that the genuine mood between these two makes me want to laugh and cry equally. Everything that was important about the predecessor is referred to and made clear in this film, explained through a different point of view, how things may have ended alternatively.
I'm so glad the two helped Linklater write the script this time. It gave it all the more enjoyment.

Richard Linklater has polished and perfected his message directed towards people from Before Sunrise and has crafted a masterpiece with Before Sunset.
This movie is an hour and sixteen minutes long, in my opinion the best possible length they could have given us.
The meetings between Celine and Jesse are minimal, always under the strain of time and that element worked psychically as well as physically. This way, we got to see the true romance of life, of forgotten moments, of missed opportunities, of unforgotten pasts, of undeserving presents, of unwanted futures.
A slice of life.

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