Ghost Seed's Movie Review of My Week with Marilyn

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My Week with Marilyn

Ideal For Lifetime.
Ghost Seed - wrote on 04/01/12

A bit of Marylin worship..

Unfortunately, it offers very little else.

Michelle Williams gave it her all, and her performance is to be respected.. But the screenplay is unbelievably weak, mildly annoying, and feels more like a made-for-TV movie from the late 80s.
Poor writing can soil any chance of a truly excellent performance out of an actor. When the words go wrong it's almost uncomfortable to watch. I found myself snickering during several scenes.. The cheesiness was just overwhelming at times.

A story deadset on painting Monroe as an otherworldly acting talent/genius. Difficult to work with and impossible to understand, but so full of brilliance that anyone with any complaints about her is a jealous villain.. This is Marylin Monroe, not Elizabeth Taylor, right? Perhaps I missed something.

What a shame. I hoped for more.. What I got was a Lifetime Original Movie.

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