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Fantastic Mr. Fox

Fun Dahl Adaptation
Looneymanthegreat - wrote on 04/15/13

Roald Dahl has been adapted to the screen many a time with mixed results. This is probably my favorite film adaptation of one of his books.

Wes Anderson may not be the best choice to reproduce Dahl, but the evidence shows he is. He is able to recreate the dark humor that most other Dahl adaptations get down, but with more charm and whimsy along with it; it creates a good mix of dark, light and absurd.

Wes Anderson also does a great job of infusing his own style into the story. When Tim Burton adapts an already existing property, he sucks all of the style in the property that already existed and replaces it with his own, but Mr. Fox makes it obvious that Wes Anderson is much better at balancing the two. Wes Anderson has one of the most obvious in your face cinematic styles in modern Hollywood, and Anderson does a good job infusing it into Dahl’s children’s book.

Fans of Anderson films, Roald Dahl or stop motion animation will enjoy this flick. As for me: It’s one of my favorite animated films of all time.

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