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Courier Of Death
dukeakasmudge - wrote on 06/12/17

You know what watching Courier Of Death had me thinking? It felt like somebody came into some $$$ or was already well off so they bought a camera & whatever else you need, got some friends together & asked them *Hey you guys want to be in a movie?* & started shooting an Action flick.The best parts were the shoot out scenes at the start & at the abandoned building.They were so badly done & you know they probably weren't meant to be that way that they were hilarious.If you're reading this & haven't watched the movie yet, be on the lookout for them & you'll see what I mean.And the acting..... The acting was BAD from beginning to end.There were a few scenes I know I wasn't suppose to laugh at but I couldn't help myself because of the acting that I felt bad afterwards.Towards the end, with 30+ minutes to go, I was counting down the minutes till it was over.It was a real struggle to sit through the entire movie without turning it off but I did it.If anybody's interested there are 2 reviews on imdb from 2 people who worked on the movie (1 from some guy who worked on the movie & the other from Diana Bauer who played Nancy Neuberger) that are worth reading.There's some info about the director & behind the scenes stuff that will make you go WOW (Now I see why the movie is the way it is) I would say Courier Of Death is a movie to watch, just to say that you watched it or if you come across it & are looking for something to watch especially a BAD movie to watch

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