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Office of the Dead

Office Of The Dead
dukeakasmudge - wrote on 06/06/17

Office Of The Dead is NOT a movie I'd rent, buy or watch ever again.I'm glad I didn't have to pay to see it because if I did, I would've been pissed & wanted my $$$ back.I just watched it & already I forgot what I watched.The last thing I remember was everybody trapped together in the security room.If you asked me how it ended I wouldn't be able to tell you.At the moment I'm trying to rewatch the ending just to remember how it ended but I can't get the video to work.Maybe it's a sign to give up & move on to the next.I guess it really doesn't matter.It did have some surprisingly good acting though which you wouldn't expect from such a movie.My favorite thing about Office Of The Dead was that they made a zombie movie without any blood at all (Yes you read that right) Alot of face paint though.If they had a bigger budget I bet you that the movie would've been filled with guts & gore.I probably wouldn't recommend watching Office Of The Dead unless you happen to come across it, absolutely NOTHING else is on & you don't have to pay to see it (Of course) They really tried to do something with only what they had to work with so A for effort & cool movie title

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