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Eddie Murphy's first film

TheWolf - wrote on 12/26/2007

Before Eddie Murphy's career took a nose dive in the late 80's and he decided to clean up his image in the early 90's he put together a number of cop films. 48 Hours was probably the first "buddy cop film" that can be attributed to inspiring a genre with more cliche's than you can count.
"48 Hrs" lays down the template for those to follow thusly: Nick Nolte plays a hard-drinking, chain-smoking, heavy swearing cop who's as popular with his superiors as he is with those he busts. After seeing two cops gunned down, he is forced to spring wise-cracking petty criminal Eddie Murphy from jail in order to catch the punk. Problem is, he has only forty-eight hours in which to crack the case before Murphy must go back inside.
Over all it was a pretty entertaining movie, it was also Eddie Murphys …

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