Matthew Brady's Movie Review of It's Such a Beautiful Day

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It's Such a Beautiful Day

A bold and challenging 62 minute animated movie.
Matthew Brady - wrote on 08/23/15

"You are forgiven".

It's Such a Beautiful Day is directed by Oscar wining Don Hertzfeldt, has the story is split into three chapters of are main character's life. The main character is called Bill, who's memory is slowly failing and has Absurdism visions. This 62 minute film takes you the viewer on a journey inside this mans daily life and he's past. While watching the movie I quickly noticed that the stick man character Bill was a bit like me in some scenes, for example: he makes up people in his head that don't exist in real life just because everyone around him feels the same, just like me when I was younger. Bill is also awkward to be around and he's not sure about everything really. Straight away Bill is already an interesting character that I understand him deeply as a person.

It's very clear that Don Hertzfeldt had a vision and a voice for this movie and all of those two things was seen and heard in this movie, because Don vision came to life in animation. That's the best part of this movie is the animation as it had that moody and yet strangely beautiful feel to it that can't be explained. The animation was intriguing and perfect for a movie like this.

It's Such a Beautiful Day is a bold, emotional, intriguing and challenging animated movie. If you haven't seen this movie then I say it's worth checking out.

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