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  Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker  
Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker  Add to movie list
Rating of: 3.5/4

Matthew Brady - wrote on 05/27/15

Dark and gritty animated movie

Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker is a dark, gritty, unsettling and sad at times animated movie that show's the reality on life. I remember when I was very young at the time when I sawed Robin being tortured into being like the Joker and that right there scared me for life, I remember watching that scene thinking to myself "Jesus I can't believe they did that to Robin". But when I watch it today it still is messed up and it's also sad at the time and the animator's behind this took a...

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  U Want Me 2 Kill Him? ( uwantme2killhim? )  
U Want Me 2 Kill Him? ( uwantme2killhim? )  Add to movie list
Rating of: 2.5/4

ikkegoemikke - wrote on 05/27/15

A not so bad UK drama based on true events.

"Why did you stab your friend?
For the greater good.
I'm a hero."

"Uwantme2killhim?" is based once again on true events. And yet afterwards I doubted whether this was indeed a true story, because this mysterious and quite ingeniously put together story seemed unlikely. In retrospect this ought to be a film adaptation of a real life situation in 2003 in Manchester. In fact, I just can't tell anything about this film because it would reveal too much. It's a clever devise...

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  [ REC ] 4: Apocalypse ( [ REC ] 4: Apocalipsis )  
[ REC ] 4: Apocalypse ( [ REC ] 4: Apocalipsis )  Add to movie list
Rating of: 2.5/4

Chris Kavan - wrote on 05/26/15

When This Boats a Rockin'...

The (probable) final film in the REC series ditches the found footage aspect that made the original such a genre-defining film. Yet despite being more like a standard horror film, it's still better than the disappointing third entry. It helps that Manuela Velasco is back - as REC 4 seemingly picks up almost immediately after the events of REC 2. Having being rescued from the apartment, she finds herself on a tanker in the middle of the ocean. A group is researching a cure - knowing that failure...

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  Most Wanted Man, A (2014)  
Most Wanted Man, A (2014)  Add to movie list
Rating of: 3/4

Indyfreak - wrote on 05/26/15

A suspenseful and well paced spy thriller with Philip Seymour Hoffman giving a standout performance before his untimely death. The cast is mostly good except for Rachel McAdams who does try her best given the quality script and I commend her for at least trying.

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  No No: A Dockumentary  
No No: A Dockumentary  Add to movie list
Rating of: 3/4

Amy - wrote on 05/25/15

I wasn't sure Ellis could sustain a two hour documentary, but he was a pretty interesting fellow, with a lot of charisma. I wouldn't say it was a particularly hard-hitting documentary -- I finished it with some questions and doubts about the narrative they unfolded. But that's pretty inevitable, I guess, if you want to secure the participation of the subject. It definitely gave a feeling for the wildness of pro baseball in the 1970s.

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Tomorrowland  Add to movie list
Rating of: 3/4

Chris d - wrote on 05/24/15

gotta say when i sat down to watch this movie i was expecting a action movie from the trailer but what i got was something a little difrent however still a very good movie full of fun characters and excitement kindof a acrton syfy mix and full of laughs as well thanks to mr clooney and the two leading ladys full of fun for the entire family disney has once agin proved it can do the inpossibke when it comes to movies i say be careful with really young kids though due to action peril and languag...

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Tomorrowland  Add to movie list
Rating of: 3/4

Snoogans - wrote on 05/24/15

'Tomorrow' is in Your Hands

'Tomorrowland' breathes the essential elements of past futuristic sci-fi films back into the mainstream. Imagination, ingenuity, and an exploration of timely social themes are the agenda amidst this family friendly fare. There's a nice balance between those qualities and the fun adventure of classic Disney. Something which has not been seen in decades. The unfolding mystery plot builds intrigue for the first two-thirds. It's not until the final act that we arrive in Tomorrowland. This are...

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  The Hunger Games  
The Hunger Games  Add to movie list
Rating of: 2.5/4

Yojimbo - wrote on 05/22/15

"The Hunger Games" by Yojimbo

In a future society, the extreme division between the haves and the have nots causes a revolution that is quickly quelled, resulting in an annual tradition for which teenagers are chosen at random to fight to the death in a reality TV show. The Hunger Games is yet another variation of the "Running Man" story based on a popular teen novel. As usual the central character is a feisty heroine who is inevitably torn between two handsome love interests and most of the film resembles a cross...

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  Interview, The (2014)  
Interview, The (2014)  Add to movie list
Rating of: 2/4

Daniel Corleone - wrote on 05/21/15

After 127 Hours one would wonder what happened to James Franco. Surprisingly he co produces this and tries to be funny. Writing was just iffy and the whole premise just not that funny. There were moments but over all a pretty average comedy which deals with acceptance, friendship, domination and mistrust. So many unrealistic scenes and mostly disappointing nonsensical moments.

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  The Shortcut  
The Shortcut  Add to movie list
Rating of: 1/4

dukeakasmudge - wrote on 05/21/15

The Shortcut

Spoilers ahead..... Maybe? The Shortcut was surprisingly good N creepy & really didn't have any blood or gore till the end.It just kept you in suspense.I also liked how the movie went in & out from past to present.The 1st ending or plot twist was just perfect & if The Shortcut would've ended after that, this movie would've been perfect.I would've added it to my Movies For The Perfect Halloween or Favorite Movies list.I know I most definitely would have wanted to buy it on DVD.The fi...

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