New Movie Trailers Updated July 17th, 2019

Newly published movie trailers are listed below. Movie trailers are listed by date added and are updated daily.


Trailer Added: 07/17/2019
Theatrical Release Date: 09/13/2019
Language: English
Genre: Drama
Director: Lorene Scafaria
Actors: Madeline Brewer, Julia Stiles, Jennifer Lopez, Lili Reinhart
Plot: Based on the article in New York Magazine article that went viral, the film follows a group of former strip club employees who form a group in order to turn the tables on their Wall Street clients.

The Kitchen

Trailer Added: 07/16/2019
Theatrical Release Date: 08/09/2019
Language: English
Genre: Action/Crime
MPAA Rating: R
Director: Andrea Berloff
Actors: Melissa McCarthy, Domhnall Gleeson, Tiffany Haddish, Elisabeth Moss
Plot: Set in the 1970s a trio of women - all wives to gangsters operating out of Hell's Kitchen in New York - decide to continue the business while their husbands are in jail.

Don't Let Go

Trailer Added: 07/16/2019
Theatrical Release Date: 08/30/2019
Language: English
Genre: Horror/Mystery
Director: Jacob Estes
Actors: David Oyelowo, Storm Reid, Mykelti Williamson, Byron Mann
Plot: A man reeling from the loss of his niece during a triple murder receives a phone call from her. It is not a joke, he is not going mad, but rather finds himself with a chance to change the past - but by doing so, may unleash something even more devastating.


Trailer Added: 07/16/2019
Theatrical Release Date: 09/13/2019
Language: English
Genre: Drama/Thriller
MPAA Rating: R
Director: Alejandro Landes
Actors: Moises Arias, Julianne Nicholson, Karen Quintero, Laura Castrillón
Plot: A group of eight child soldiers are tasked with watching a hostage and a conscripted milk cow. But as the hours become days, they begin to lose their grip on reality.

The King's Man

Trailer Added: 07/15/2019
Theatrical Release Date: 02/14/2020
Language: English
Genre: Action/Comedy
Director: Matthew Vaughn
Actors: Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Matthew Goode, Gemma Arterton, Charles Dance
Plot: The world stands on the brink of annihilation as history's greatest tyrants and criminal masterminds plot a war that will destroy millions. One man races against time to stop them - and, along the way, will set the stage for the creation of the world's most important secret intelligence agency.

See You Soon

Trailer Added: 07/15/2019
Theatrical Release Date: 07/26/2019
Language: English
Genre: Drama/Romance
MPAA Rating: R
Director: David Mahmoudieh
Actors: Liam McIntyre, Poppy Drayton, Harvey Keitel, Oleg Taktarov
Plot: On his way to appearing on the stage at the World Cup, a U.S. soccer star suffers a potentially career-ending injury. During his recovery, he falls in love with a Russian single mother and romance blooms.

Vita & Virginia

Trailer Added: 07/15/2019
Theatrical Release Date: 08/23/2019
Language: English
Genre: Biography/Drama
Director: Chanya Button
Actors: Gemma Arterton, Elizabeth Debicki, Isabella Rossellini, Rupert Penry-Jones
Plot: Explores the relationship between author Virginia Woolf and aristocrat socialite Vita Sackville-West.

Ode to Joy

Trailer Added: 07/11/2019
Theatrical Release Date: 08/09/2019
Language: English
Genre: Comedy
MPAA Rating: R
Director: Jason Winer
Actors: Morena Baccarin, Melissa Rauch, Martin Freeman, Jake Lacy
Plot: Charlie is about to experience the most wonderful love of his life... which is big trouble. Charlie suffers from cataplexy, a symptom of narcolepsy that causes sudden paralysis when experiencing certain emotions - in Charlie's case, joy. Thus after a life of keeping himself in check, he will have to face living life.

Dora and the Lost City of Gold

Trailer Added: 07/10/2019
Theatrical Release Date: 08/09/2019
Language: English
Genre: Adventure/Family
MPAA Rating: PG
Director: James Bobin
Actors: Isabela Moner, Eva Longoria, Benicio Del Toro, Michael Peña
Plot: Dora has spend most of her life exploring with her adventurous parents, but now she's about to enter the most dangerous jungle of all: high school. But her upbeat attitude and unique skills will be put to the test, especially when she has to lead her new friends on a mission to save her parents deep in the wilds.

Maleficent: Mistress of Evil

Trailer Added: 07/08/2019
Theatrical Release Date: 10/18/2019
Language: English
Genre: Action/Fantasy
Director: Joachim Rønning
Actors: Angelina Jolie, Elle Fanning, Michelle Pfeiffer, Ed Skrein
Plot: Taking place several years after the events of Maleficent, Princess (soon-to-be-queen) Aurora continues an ever-evolving relationship with the horned fairy as both seek new alliances, and meet new adversaries, as they work to protect the moors and the magical creatures who call it home.

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