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Bringing Out The Dead

Bringing Out The Dead - Review
Matthew Brady - wrote on 03/12/18

The dark horse of Martin Scorsese films.

A fever dream of high rush that strangely reminds you how alive you really are, but at the same time, a dim of insomnia that reminds you how lifeless you can feel. New York City, the city where everybody is either dead, dying, or somewhere between. You're in the middle. Robert Richardson and Scorsese captures New York streets, deserving it's title as 'the city that never sleeps'.

I know a lot of people think Nicolas Cage isn't a great actor and he picks more bad than good roles. However, Cage is really excellent in this, which pains me to see him shy away from good material and becoming a stupid joke of himself. For the small screen these two had, John Goodman and Ving Rhames were also great. Lets not forget Paul Schrader fantastic script that keeps the film fresh at all times.

Overall rating: Gives it a shot. Just me.

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