Snoogans's Movie Review of The Ones Below

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The Ones Below

Above The Average Domestic Thriller
Snoogans - wrote on 12/09/16

'The Ones Below' is a taut domestic thriller that we don't see all too often these days. A slow burn style boiler with a medium pace. Two families want the same thing, but one feels justified in taking what they deem rightfully theirs. Elements of paranoia mix with the unpredictable nature of the secretive family downstairs to sustain a level of constant suppressed tension throughout the film. It creates an uneasy vibe anytime the opposing family is on screen. Their scheme is well thought out; not succumbing to plot developments that render stupid actions on the part of the characters in order to service more cheap traditional thrills. There's no over-the-top performances that lead into a bloody chase/fight with the antagonists in the third act. The resolution is much more calculated and cold than that standard fare. This is what makes the film memorable. The steps taken by the opposing couple feel as if they could play out in real life. Adds a chilling sting to the closing revelation.

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