Snoogans's Movie Review of Masterminds (2016)

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Masterminds (2016)

Lost Comedic Potential in Weird True Crime Story
Snoogans - wrote on 10/18/16

'Masterminds' is a comedy dud. It's solid comedy cast and funny sounding premise (based on actual events?!) somehow miss the mark entirely. Director Jared Hess, of Napoleon Dynamite, brings his slow-paced awkward vibe to this material. The obvious first mistake here is that his comedic sensibilities are juxtaposed with that of obvious studio produced, commercially viable material. Many scenes feel out of place with one another in terms of tone. Each of the actors are given many moments to shine, but the humor they are given continuously falls flat. All of this combines to form a sluggish pace, which makes this hour and a half film feel much longer. Sudeikis is the only player to somehow transcend the lower grade demeanor of the comedy and managed some chuckles out of me. I did have a few sporadic moments of minor laughter, but not one time did I ever laugh-out-loud or smile from actual enjoyment. The one positive that kept me wanting to see this mess through till the end was the bizarre nature of this true life story. Some obvious embellishments were made, but the plot sticks fairly close to the actual events. There are a couple of unforeseen turns that really took place and it baffles me to no end.

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