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Storks (2016)

High Standard for Animated Comedy
Snoogans - wrote on 09/26/16

'Storks' is the second animated feature from the newly reformed 'Warner Animation Group', who gave us the surprise hit 'The Lego Movie'. 'Storks' continues that same brand of top-notch animation, voice-work, and hilarious comedy. I didn't know a single thing about this film before I saw it, and I think that complete lack of any expectations propelled my overall enjoyment. What a pleasant surprise! 'Storks's style of animated comedy harkens back to the Chuck Jones era of Looney Tunes. Rapid fire jokes of clever irreverent nature meld into one cohesive package of hilarity! I laughed almost nonstop through this whole movie! The superb voice-acting and wacky physical animation style compliment each other so perfectly. It feels as if every tiny (seemingly throwaway) gag was given as much attention to detail as everything else in the film. This is the type of comedy that is sorely missing from most animated films these days. It felt refreshing to see something familiar done so right. To be honest, the overabundance of laughs I had do lift my score up an extra half star. But when is that not worth commemorating? Story-wise, we are given a fresh tale to experience with this newfound stork angle. Our main stork, Junior, is forced to team up with an orphaned 18 year old girl, Tulip, to deliver a baby that she accidentally brought into existence. Meanwhile, we often cut back to the family and their little boy who are waiting on said baby. Their story is as equally funny and charming as the adventure of our deliverers. The motions of the plot are expected, but the asides along the way are completely original. It manages to feel less conventional in the process. Both the relationships of Junior and Tulip, and that of the boy and his parents, are seen to a satifying conclusion. All of the characters experience a personal gain through their shared experiences, giving us an unexpected, but earned, amount of heart. None of this is done at the expense of the brilliant comedy. The pace is always set to speed, yet it still finds enough time to balance out a great amount of charm; most of which came together in the finale quite well. It's not something that's going to make you cry like Pixar, and it's not looking for any deeper meanings, but it does exactly what it aims to with supreme accuracy. Highly entertaining for all ages!

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