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Bridget Jones's Baby

Classic Screwball Rom-Com Formula Done Well
Snoogans - wrote on 09/26/16

'Bridget Jones's Baby' is one of many long-term sequels to be released this year and it might just be the best of the bunch. What this sequel gets right, that others got wrong, is the simple fact of staying true to the film(s) before while not making a complete nostalgia driven remake. Many elements (including story structure) are reminiscent of the first 'Bridget Jones', but the way in which this third part continues the title character's story is worth some investment for those who enjoy the first film. Bridget is her usual self again, except her loneliness will soon be gone forever due to an unexpected pregnancy. The film wisely avoids cramming in too much unneeded drama or overused stereotypical pregnancy humor by focusing almost entirely on her relationship towards the two possible fathers of the child. This dynamic between the three plays out in a classic screwball rom-com fashion from back in the earlier days of the genre. Some bits are mildly over-the-top, but nothing goes too far past believability for the world in which the film builds and continues on from the first. I really enjoyed the zippy classic rom-com style humor. Many jokes did make me laugh out loud. One could argue that this is all a product of predictable fluff, and they'd be right. However, it's a brand of formulaic fun done immensely well to the point where those willing to like it won't care. Definitely a nice sugar coated surprise of a late sequel. Easy recommendation to fans of 'Bridget Jones's Diary'.

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