Snoogans's Movie Review of When the Bough Breaks

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When the Bough Breaks

'Bough' is Broken
Snoogans - wrote on 09/18/16

'When the Bough Breaks' is a cheap imitation of those sleazy sexy thrillers from the early 90's. It does a well enough job to recreate the general aesthetic of that specific sub-genre - to a fault. Some capable actors a set loose in a pedestrian plot of rehashed cliches. Nothing is inherently bad about the performances or the technical side of filmmaking here. The writing contains most all the sins; many more than it's characters. The whole thing plays like a predictable, lukewarm mis-match of everything you'd expect from this kind of material. In that regard, I did find this film mildly entertaining for it's flaws. I can't give it a deservedly lower score for that reason. It's low-grade aspirations somehow kept me involved. The only thing holding it back from being more along the lines of a 'guilty pleasure' is the watered down PG-13 reining in the events from going all-out sleaze. More sleaze would've actually helped in this case.

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