Snoogans's Movie Review of Wild Life, The ( Robinson Crusoe )

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Wild Life, The ( Robinson Crusoe )

Wonky, Annoying Distraction for Toddlers
Snoogans - wrote on 09/11/16

'The Wild Life' is an animated Robinson Crusoe story told from the perspective of some talking animals. The whole movie is told as a flashback by the main bird character. His recount of the events acts as a running narration for everything that happens on screen. He literally tells us what we are seeing for almost the entire duration. Not only does this become tiresome immediately, but the shrill voice work from each animal adds another level of annoyance on top of that. Crusoe is shown to be a bumbling, but slightly capable, average guy. He, along with the animals, have no redeeming qualities to them. The whole film just centers on them trying to survive on this island. Besides the small difficulties of finding food and shelter, they basically have it made. Well, unless you count the two evil cats that just want to kill them all. These felines are dull and stupid. They reproduce to large numbers (somehow from one out-of-nowhere pregnancy) and attempt a hostile takeover. The action that comes from this is well staged and shot, but it goes on for a long time. Many times it feels as if the film could end. They even go as far to continue narrating the events that happen after the film's final scene during a still photo montage at the start of the credits. It's as if the movie got tired of telling it's own dull story and kept making stuff up to give some kind of proper resolution. The animation, overall, looks nice and detailed. Staggered character movement regresses some of that shiny look, though. When there does exist an attempt at humor, it's never in the form of an actual joke but rather some added critical comment followed by a slight pause. It's weird. 'The Wild Life' is an empty experience solely made to appeal to the under five crowd with it's bright images and innocent content. I don't see this material being anything more than a distraction to it's demographic, due to it's lack of ambition to be entertaining in any way.

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