Snoogans's Movie Review of The Light Between Oceans

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The Light Between Oceans

Well Done Tear-Jerker
Snoogans - wrote on 09/11/16

'The Light Between Oceans' is the new period piece romantic tragedy from writer/director Cianfrance. I had high expectations, as his first two films were emotionally crippling heavy dramas that felt as if they could exist in reality. 'Light' doesn't quite meet the same deep somber resonance as those. It's story, while having strong emotional engagement, has a softer touch of the typical "sappy movie" variety. Nothing really stands out as being overly cliched or containing falsehood. I was invested in these characters and their struggles. Every sad turn is completely earned, it just didn't hit me hard like I wanted. I could feel the tragedy of the situation. I felt compassion and sympathy for every character from each opposing side. I love this story. I love the actors and their strong performances. I love the direction and cinematography. I just didn't love the movie, overall. The tears didn't flow this time, but that's not taking anything away from how extremely well made this film is.

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