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Morgan (2016)

Dumb Slasher Hiding in Half-Baked Sci-fi
Snoogans - wrote on 09/07/16

'Morgan' is a new sci-fi/thriller involving artificial intelligence. Some have drawn comparisons between this film and last year's immaculate 'Ex Machina'. Besides one or two similarities, the two films don't share much in common plot wise. In fact, this film feels like a 'studio notes' version of the former. This is what happens when high-concept meets lowest denominator. Gone are any avenues of intellectual exploration. Science fiction is only a means to explain Morgan's abilities and behavior and give a reasonable setup to the events. Though, I never truly understood exactly HOW she was made. They explain that she's concocted in a lab and grown as a human child, but that she has some form of artificial intelligence and is also more physically imposing? It's a bit muddled. Her real reasons for coming into existence are kept secret until the finale - as if they weren't expecting us to figure it out sooner. The truth is practically telegraphed throughout. Also telegraphed is the final twist concerning her connection to another character. The film plays out it's final scene as if this revelation shocks in how smart it is. 'Morgan' is not smart, at all. It hides it's lack of intrigue behind an unconvincing veil of fake mystery, only to evolve into a typical slasher movie in it's third act. An almost decent slasher, at that. By this point I didn't care at all. Good acting and solid direction can't save this dud. What a waste of potential. One of the most disappointing films of the year.

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