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Hands of Stone

'Hands of' Sourdough
Snoogans - wrote on 09/07/16

'Hands of Stone' is the biography of boxing legend Roberto Duran. At it's center, this film wants to be a tribute to the man, showcasing the trade and true 'rise-fall-rise again' plot seen in many sports films. The problem here is that it's essential plot lacks any emotion or driving force. I never once rallied behind this guy wanting his success. That's not attributed to the acting. Edgar Ramirez proves his talents in the lead role, and De Niro does the wise mentor schtick quite well. The problem lies in the storytelling. This film wants to be both a crowd pleasing boxing film and an encompassing biopic of the subject person, while also touching on political issues of the time to feed into the main characters ideologies and goals. What we are left with is a massive amount of plot squeezed into and hour and forty five minutes, complete with many jumps in editing. Not much time is spent on the essential development of the characters. It's edited in a way that seems more enamored with showing the next life event. The direction also leaves much more desired. A consistent tone is never established and certain scenes are unintentionally funny due to odd changes in character or performance. What's missing is the drama for us to invest in.

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