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Mechanic: Resurrection

Should've Went Straight-to-DVD
Snoogans - wrote on 08/29/16

'Mechanic: Resurrection' is the surprise sequel to 2011's (mostly good) 'Mechanic' remake. I say surprise, because I don't think anyone ever thought that film would receive a sequel. What we get with 'Resurrection' is basically a straight-up rendition of your typical 80's/90's style B-rate silly action farce. Statham is fully capable of delivering an entertaining ride on that level, as he's proven many times, but here even the material seems beneath him. It has the style and grit of those past action-ers, but what it lacks is any real substance or fun. This movie feels as if it were a straight-to-video production with less intent and care that got fashioned into a 'Mechanic' sequel by happenstance. If you made a couple of minor tweaks to the story you wouldn't even guess this was part of the same series. It's style and tone are way different than the first. The only thing the two have in common is the hitman angle, which is downplayed to just three individual sequences. The plot is so pedestrian and full of illogical means to force the empty characters to wind up in explosive situations. It's dumb, full of annoying cliches, and just utter ridiculous from start to finish. The cast, especially Statham, are taking this material dead serious, making the proceedings feel less fun than they could have been. Low production quality prevails over it's mid-range budget, giving a cheaper look to something that shouldn't. I did find the action to be at least decent. Some of unrealistic antics caused for unintentional comedy. It kind of pushed the movie into that "so bad it's good" territory. I had a clutter of laughs at the overall ridiculous nature. I was never bored. Disposable entertainment for those with a particular penchant.

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