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Florence Foster Jenkins

Streep's Next Award-Win
Snoogans - wrote on 08/22/16

'Florence Foster Jenkins' brings us another winning performance from the Streep. She's magnetic as the highly likable, ambitious, yet talentless, aged performer. She surrounds herself with admirers of her character and generosity. It's because of this that they look past her major inability to properly sing. Her off key, off-pitch, attempts at operatic vocals are abysmal, to say the least. Her winning attitude and hints at past failure make her worth rooting for. There is much comedy to be had at her expense of poor talents, but the film finds much more to mine for laughs outside that obvious fact. Grant and Helberg give great supporting performances worth many of said laughs. Honestly, they are both as prominent to the story. The film is sincere in it's depictions of Ms. Jenkins. It has a cheeky sense of fun and also a warm heart towards it's characters. The film never reaches any emotional highs or lows, but it does give you absolute full investment and a respectable treatment of it's real-life subjects. Cheery feel-good material done right. Take your mother or grandmother to see it and enjoy.

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