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Star Trek Beyond

Latest 'Star' Shines Bright!
Snoogans - wrote on 08/17/16

'Star Trek Beyond' is the much needed course change for this rebooted series. I did enjoy the previous two installments as rock solid sci-fi action/adventure films. However, they were lacking in some of the areas that the long running 'Star Trek' series is known for. And, with 'Into Darkness', unnecessary retreading of past 'Trek' films was abound. I'm very happy to report that this third (or 13th) installment returns to the roots of what gave the brand it's charm in first place. We join up with the Enterprise crew while on the latter part of a multi-year mission, doing what they do best: exploring. The montage reintroductions to the characters bring us up to date in minutes on the status of the crew and their interpersonal relationships. From this point on, the whole film is a streamlined action heavy adventure that never slows or becomes bogged down with too much plot or extraneous bits of exposition. It's a lean, fast paced, character driven ensemble in which every member of the crew is highlighted to some degree. Each member has a hand in the outcome of the various conflicts. Every one of them also deliver on-point comedic moments that feed into the overall situation nicely. This is where the film shines. It borrows all the best elements from the original 1960's television show, injects modern action movie sensibilities, and adds a big dose of fun! I guess the only major criticism I could muster is with the villain. He's another one-note revenge driven bad guy who wants to take on the Federation for personal reasons. His reasoning is actually a bit intriguing, but it's pushed to a short reveal closer to the ending, thus leaving less time to explore the subject or let it have any impact on the story. That said, he's still serviceable. Elba's screen presence carries the performance along for the majority of the film. As a longtime 'Trek' admirer, 'Beyond' is a great throwback to the classic show and the most satisfying new chapter in this rebooted realm. It's so accessible I think even those with zero knowledge of the series could jump right into this movie and enjoy it almost as much as the fans.

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