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Lights Out

Watch it in the Dark
Snoogans - wrote on 07/30/16

'Lights Out' is the feature length adaptation of the famous short seen on YouTube. Up and coming director, Sandberg, crafts a competent small-budgeted horror film. Sufficient amounts of tension are built throughout to accentuate the jolts. It felt as though each scary scene, while paced very well, was purposefully formatted to end on a jump-scare. Admittedly, they are examples of how to properly execute a jump-scare. Every individual eerie moment has a payoff. To me, this structure didn't manage to sustain tension throughout the entire film - providing a somewhat fragmented feeling of fright. One elongated sequence in the climax did retain the same level of fear I had while watching the original short. Some time is spent on uncovering the mystery of this entity hiding in the dark. This never gets bogged down in too much excess mythology and the revelations play into the family drama concerning the main characters. Surprisingly enough, the one aspect of this film I liked most was the dramatically involving narrative of this broken family. The dynamic of children dealing with a parent who has mental illness is carried through to good effect. This gives the shock of the finale some needed emotional weight. I felt sorrow for these characters. While the story may be adequate, and the scares might not reach the heights of the original short, I can still easily recommend 'Lights Out' to anyone just looking for something good to watch in the dark.

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